Angel Jennings — Evansville, Indiana

Angel Jennings — Evansville, Indiana

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Angel Jennings has tore my friend apart. Not only did she date my friends uncle but when my friend and her husband separated, she moved in on him. She uses any man that will offer her a house in the country and raise her son. My friend had hoped separating from her husband would show him they needed counseling and hopefully save their marriage. Instead this woman has been moving into the marital home in front of their children. These poor kids cry because they watch this meth head move mommys stuff to put hers in there. She’s even gone so far as to make fake fb accounts etc and convince the husband that the wife is doing crazy things because she doesn’t want him to go back to her. This is a very sad situation! Not only that but she’s been busted with another guy as well and the husband and this HOMEWRECKER think people are just lying for the wife. She’s been seen flipping off their oldest daughter in the school parking lot and sticking her tongue out at her because she told dad about seeing her with her other bf. Guess what that’s right he’s not having anything to do with the oldest daughter now because again everyone is lying for my friend. My friend is being too patient and nice while waiting on court! I can’t take it any more of them trashing her on fb and rubbing sh!t in my friend and her kids’ faces. The children are receiving trauma therapy!

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  1. DisrespectfulFebruary 12, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    no self respecting woman lays with a man that hasn’t even signed the papers, let alone go around their children. What man puts his children through this? She must not have a lot of self esteem, by her looks I can see why. She’s probably bounced her own children from man to man to see who will foot the bill for her. Who’s gonna give me what next. If I dated someone that flipped off my daughter-done never near me again ever. My kids first. There are plenty gold diggers out there I could find a new one. Yuck I wouldn’t touch her with my brothers business. Very sad

  2. ShameJanuary 17, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    Shame on everyone involved and shame on this hussy. Messing with your exs family is just gross. I’m betting she’s bounced herself around more than a basketball with her poor kid in tow. A woman should never move into another womans home especially while a divorce is processing and there are children involved. Shame on you. This is disgusting. The oldest child mentioned above is probably traumatized. Shame on dad for not being there for her. She has probably seen something that really hurts her and hes more interested in getting played by this tramp. Judging by the comment calling everything a lie, it’s either his fam or hers. But oh secret person calling this fake you said it yourself that they hid it from the kids which should be their first clue it was wrong. If you have to hide something from your kids you probably shouldn’t be doing it. As far as trying to make someone out to be a bad mom for taking their kid to the doctor, shame on you. Your comments are clearly a deflection of what these two have done wrong so I have a hard time believing them.

  3. BelleJanuary 16, 2018 at 1:30 am

    Wait so she has the audacity to move her stuff into the house he shared with his family? And he disrespects their children like that? Poor kids. Nothing hurts worse than being a kid needing their dad and him turning his back on them for some easy tail. I hope your friend knows that people like this will never make it. It will never be a real relationship, they will try to fool the world so it always looks like someone else’s fault but deep down they will live a life questioning themselves and if they can trust the other. She should have had enough respect to say no and stay out of the family after being with the uncle. Gross. That screams poor character. I feel for your friend. As a man and father the least he could have done was family counseling, I hope he is attending with their children.

  4. SuperJanuary 14, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    She’s disgusting looking. You can tell she’s a meth addict from the pimples all over her face. What kind of mother puts that on Facebook anyway? Yuck. She obviously doesn’t care too much if she can’t be respectful to go out and meet someone knew and not keep it in the family. Are you sure this isn’t Kentucky? Yuck they should be ashamed of themselves. Glad the children are getting the help they need. This father doesn’t seem to care about his children at all. What a coward.

    • ShameJanuary 17, 2018 at 10:07 pm

      That’s what I thought to. These are parents putting this on social media? Obviously they don’t care about what their kids, friends or family see. It does appear that daddy only cares about one thing and it’s not his family.

  5. LiesJanuary 14, 2018 at 3:32 pm

    Here is one of the times the wife Brandi has cheated on her husband. There marriage fall out has nothing to do with Angel. Angel is not the problem…. CLEARLY…

  6. YOU ARE CRAZY & TELL LIESJanuary 14, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    Here is the real homewrecker….

  7. YOU ARE CRAZY & TELL LIESJanuary 14, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Follow the link to the real HOMEWRECKER! This was only one of times she cheated on her husband…
    The story actually goes like this…
    Martial problems began. They were both to blame. Then Brandi found a new man (again). A dude who stole her car and jerked off in the bushes watching little kids play on a playground at a daycare. So the homewrecker Brandi moved out on intentions of being with this trash that had been in and out of jail. She then tried to say she was pregnant and lost his baby so even he wasn’t going to deal with her crazy. While she was out sleeping around on her husband (again). The husband then decided to move on and file for divorce. After that he connected with Angel. Seeing her while Brandi had moved out and moved on with several other men. He started a relationship with her. They hid it from the children. But one of them found out. So they shared the info with children. Those two were separated. And BRANDI IS THE HOMEWRECKER. As for the kids. The oldest daughter mentioned is his step-daughter, that has been pulled away from him. She is not allowed to see him and he fears that anytime he had her Brandi would call the cops on him for kidnapping. Now the other child who just turned 9 has been put in the middle of the whole thing by her mother. Her mother is completely destroying her emotions and is making this divorce so hard on her. She puts her in the middle. Makes her call her dad and say hateful things. This child is being mentally abused by her mother. Brandi makes up fake illnesses so she doesn’t have to drive this child to school. So Brandi can sleep while the 9 year old watches the 3 year old and whatever baby Brandi watches. She has this poor 9 year old in and out of doctors offices more than any healthy child should be. As for the 3 year old… Brandi is home all day with him… She has NO job and doesn’t even have him potty trained.
    They sat down and worked everything out on paper he had it drawn up and sent to her lawyer. She refused to sign, because her new boyfriend got rid of her. This happened back in May and now Brandi is making up stories about Angel just out of jealously.

    • Better check that police reportJanuary 17, 2018 at 8:52 am

      Better check that police report. The guy you are referring to was drunk in public, next to a house. There’s nothing about little kids in that nor were any around. He peed in the bushes. Donnie has no room to talk about drinking.

    • her friendJanuary 17, 2018 at 8:48 am

      There are no lies about angel posted here, yes Brandi was put on here years ago by her friends wife. I know for a fact that Brandi left in January because the fighting was unhealthy in front of the kids and the guy you mention didn’t come into town until March. Homewrecker Angel was already clawing Donnie’s back by then. It’s sad his family is so caught up in believing that piece of trash. She has used every man and their families that she has came in contact with even living with some and their parents. Raise your own kid Angel. What kind of woman stays around a man knowing that his daughter won’t come around because of her? The daughter has texted and wrote letters to dad and he blames her and the mother. Sad really. No child should ever be blamed. School teacher aunt that wants to be so involved should know that. But she does her sons dad the same way. I’ve personally witnessed the kids crying over daddy and his actions and that angel is mean to them and they don’t want her in the house. Brandi is doing exactly what she should be doing. Her daughter goes to the doctor when sick and she sits every week with them in therapy. Where’s dad? Oh yay too busy playing house to realize the damage done to the kids by both. No one feels sorry for Angel even her own family members are ashamed of her. It’s ok because didn’t Donnie meet Brandi through her uncle to? So now this one and I heard uncle might be seeing someone new so there’s Donnie’s next one. Maybe he can knock this one up too.