Angela Dawn Ramsey — All Hail Angie, Queen of the Slores.

Angela Dawn Ramsey — All Hail Angie, Queen of the Slores.

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This is Angela Ramsey. If you have a husband or a wife for that matter that you wanna keep, keep her far away from them. She has no shame, she has broken up multiple homes and brags about doing so. Her favorite type will have money, she will drain them dry and when she sees there is no further use or gain, dump them by accusing them of something or simply walking away if they’re lucky. Her latest victim, her own daughter. She slept with her son in law right up until she got caught, then says I’m sorry. She had me, her other daughter commited for trying to call her out saying I was no good and should have been aborted. I could go on and on about the type of skank she truly is and the trouble and heart break she brings to others lives. She is currently “engaged for the 18th time” and yet still screwing two other guys, one she works with and another she says might be good for her someday. If you see her. RUN. She is pure evil.

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