Angie M. Childers — Elgin, Illinois

Angie M. Childers — Elgin, Illinois

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She is a 35 year old hair stylist who cheated on her husband with my long time first love and boyfriend brandon. At least she couldnt take his virginity ha ha b. She is not a good hair stylist. She cuts hair uneven, can’t learn her hair chemicals nor colors. She is fake acting like she miss perfect. She’s pathetic and if she really love Brandon she wouldn’t of married and made 2 or 3 kids with another. This is to let her know he will always cheat on her with me and his heart belongs to me. For a few years they both behave snobby when neither can afford to live in a rich area in a big home. He talked shit to me acting like I don’t know the cost of things when he’s the one who lived at mommy and daddies till he 34. While I have lived on my own and also shared houses with friends and etc. Maybe miss priss is fit for his Mr. Priss ass. He’s a cheater anyhow she is too and eventually they’ll cheat on each other. I can see her doing so before he would but ooops mybe not as he’s soo insecure of any woman having opposite sex friends he will claim a jenny pig raped him at his friend glens to get away with cheating. Then he goes after this married sl*t. And before her another married sl*t. So he turned into his dad a cheating liar who I bet became abusive physically. As he use to be emotionally mentally. Bet any money their sex is sooo wack. He has been the only 1 i ever loved and this bitch flips her hair, flirts and spreads her legs and he just plays he slipped in her. In past. Hope karma comes back to both you. But just know i would sleep with him in heart beat just to make it even. I love him more I didn’t marry nor make 3 kids with 2 dudes like you slut. Besides I had his 1st kid. He has a son it was sooo many years ago. Too bad he could never commit to anyone cause he a cheat like this bitch. It why I moved on with another in past yrs. He now claims on phone he wants a kid with me. Good me too come over as your small house is a disgrace. It needs a real woman’s touch. Haa ang deserves this. Maybe you shouldnt got with him in past when i was dating him. Which was when she married to C. God bless real catholics know once divorced you not to re marry as a woman. As well as the sins you committed missy. You’re liar you didnt do this and so is he. Dont bother arguing i know truth what you two did. Ill be sure to help you honey. Ill seduce him back just for some fun and whenever i feel like giving him back ill let you know. At least i dont have diseases and im not flat chested like you. I have a body of a real women not a child like this cluck who needs pounds of make up and hair color always changing colors cause she knows she ugly. Lastly he gave me a ring proposed before you got any nookie from him. Your the one thats crazy and pyscho honey. He use to tell me angie is crazy. You nothing but a 2 dollar trannie. Youre a trannie in disguise your sick. Friends saw you suckin another guy in a room in past decades ago. Go back to butchering hair you mentally ill brandon use to say. Youd mess with his head your a good girl when we know you out there lickin balls on the farm.

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  1. CarlosJanuary 17, 2019 at 12:44 am

    Maybe your missing the point b1tch about the site. And you think he loves you Angie? You sound absolutely absurd too commentor. Dumb b1tch I’m sure the person who posted doesn’t give a sh1t whether he loved her since it was years ago and that person moved on. You the dumb one b1tch. It was a point the person was making…im assuming. And what a loser this chic Angie is and Brandon. Don’t care WTF he does for living. If you don’t treat who you date good then you trash. Tons people make alot money but are they ALL good people? Clearly Brandon wasn’t a good person to the person who posted. And this Angie chic is a sloot. Who was the commentor…i betting. What he gonna play reborn religious b1tch now with god bless when he had sex with his 1st love without marrying 1st. Then claiming he a better person. Whatever b1tch. You know what they say roasted chestnuts simply aren’t very good. HAa. Always check under her hood before you buy for life. She gets her jollies taking his itty bitty d1ck in her mouth. Haa. Truth hurts huh. The website is what it is. Clearly it was Angie who commented. Haa. Maybe he can go f another married women then play he faithful to Angie and say his famous line god bless. Hun god’s gonna take away from his lying ass eventually. Cheater! Maybe the person who wrote post doesn’t want his a55 back or care 1 way or another dumb b1tch. Truth hurts b1tch that 1 don’t give 2 sh1ts to what your dumb a55 or others thinks. And go mess with his ex she’s a hard core b. In and out of jail. She’ll probably beat your a55 and possibly could do more if you start at her u stupid b1tch. He doesn’t know her anymore. Way I heard she put 2 in hospital. Friends with few mobsters and gangs. She known not to be messed with around the city.even the city wrote her a check.for real. U have no idea who or what wrote that and I don’t care for your flat chested a55 go back to your little sh1t house in your little shi1t town for looking for his ex is dangerous. We know west side south side and out of staters. Go back to your itsy bitty Brando d1ck and choke and die.

  2. Dumber womanOctober 10, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    You sound absolutely absurd. As well as dumb as hell! I can’t believe you thought this made you look any better than this woman. Sounds to me like he doesn’t in fact love you. Seeing as he cheated on Ylyou with her then left you for her