Antonio “Tony” Campos Enriquez, Jr. — Lying, Cheating hubby with Chunti Meth slore

Antonio “Tony” Campos Enriquez, Jr. — Lying, Cheating hubby with Chunti Meth slore

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Tony and I met 13 years ago. It was love at first sight for both of us. A month later he moved in and we were peas in a pod. We have tons in common and got along beautifully I helped him get off Parole, get clean and get his drivers license back. Moved him out of the neighborhood and he was doing great! Then he started hanging with his ex girlfriends sister and using again. He got arrested and I was pissed! Thought we moved past that and got clean. We decided to get married and I felt that I married my best friend. We were so happy and in love. Then in 2015 he went to a funeral and started hanging with his sisters bestie who deals. He was there EVERY day. I told him not to and he said dont be jealous. I tomd him it is not jealousy but I dont want him at a dealers house and I dont want him around bag chasers. We started fighting more then he started hanging with her supplier.Ray became his bestie. I read some texts where they were bad mouthing me. I confronted him and he was so hateful! I caught him on several “hook up” websites getting texts and being very secretive and locking his phone. I confronted him and he said he wasn’t cheating. Then he yells me he is moving to his mom’s. After 13 years together and 7 years married I found out he was cheating with a dirty nasty passed around (yes several of his friends all had her before and during…gross) meth slore. I caught them at his mom’s. He lied and said he loved me and didnt want to be with her. He told my dad on his death bed that he would love and take care of me. My dad was so happy we were working on healing our marriage. Then I found out they were texting and still having sex in our bed!! I was broken! I had just lost my dad and now my husband. I was suicidal but then I realized I was NOT gonna leave him a fuking dime! So I moved and I am rebuilding my life. He snuck that slore into his parents house and she is hiding like the rat she is upstairs in his bedroom so his parents dont know she is there. They are such drug addict losers. I talked to her boyfriend she was cheating on. He was really sad and heartbroken. The more we talked we got closer and hit it off. So guess what Noemi Solis Garfias, you can have my seconds! You can have my old, fat, drug addict, brain damaged, mid-life crisis, bad hygiene, lying, stealing, doesnt take care of himself, cheating , No loyalty, No car, No job, No cash, No future, balding. Loser, selfish, self centered, people user, backstabbing man/child and I will take your younger, yummy body, tattoo artist, fun, artistic, sweet, adorable man from you!! Hope the two of you get the life you deserve!!

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  1. ChachachiaApril 8, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    He is gross..and now you have her leftovers lol just keep spreading drds and low self esteem