Arika Harris Trailer Trash

Arika Harris Trailer Trash

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She likes anything with a pulse that will give her the slightest attention. She preys on taken and married men. She won’t take no for a answer! She will use them and abuse them all for attention and Money! Beware of this Thirsty Homewrecker! This thing will weasel its way in and won’t stop at anything. She will beg, steal use,and borrow. She has NO remorse for herself or for anyone in her path! Beware! If your man even looks In it’s direction his life and your life will be ruined! She has some serious mental issues and honestly needs locked up somewhere with padded walls! She preyed on my Husband for a while, but, he wasn’t giving her the attention she begged for so she moved on to another. Things got really terrible at my house because of her, we almost went through a divorce and everything all because of this psycho. You wouldn’t believe the things she did and said. She is capable of anything. If you see her, Run!

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