Ashley Kairez — Home Flipper to Biggest Homewrecker

Ashley Kairez — Home Flipper to Biggest Homewrecker

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This is Ashley (spread eagle) Kairez (Travis??) who knows what her last name is now. Not only will she cheat on you without blinking an eye but she will screw your boyfriend/husband for the urge to feel wanted or accepted by men. She hired my boyfriend for some work on her home, wanted to know if he was single, my POS boyfriend tells her he is and she aggressively pushed herself onto him and screwed him in the home or one of the homes she needed work done, I’m sure she must have wanted a discount, reading other posts on her this is her MO, screws people for discounts, money, or anything to gain some sort of financial status. She was divorced in 2018 and from what I know factually she has uses men off bumble and other sites to do her dirty work and has men take her places, buy her things or whatever she needs that day. She will suck them off, screw them and do whatever sexual favor you have in mind and anywhere, it be a public place, bathroom, closet, bar, doesn’t matter its that easy for her to not have to put any effort into her job. Has a daughter that she drives around drunk with daily and screws random guys on the daily and it multiples if shes all pepsied out or drunk, (facts/truth) she has DRD’s like you cant believe and wont have any guy use a condom whatsoever. She is in a circle of other cheating sloots and cheaters but according to her own friends she has taken the trophy for screwing the most guys in the shortest amount of time. She drives a range rover and has a lake house to disguise trying to be classy but after texting this nasty sloot last night she says i fuk a lot of guys but not married men lmfao, this slore has no shame in being empty of morals, self esteem, and self worth. She has no care for her child turning out like her and also in text proof, she literally doesn’t care what you look like or what you do, shes always drunk and any nice word or look her way and she will take you home as the aggressor. She may have a pretty face but have fun getting DRD’s and having your family ruined cause she does not care, happened to me and I have texts of her laughing about it. All this on top of her having 5 abortions in the past year, what a good person and a woman who clearly has major daddy issues and no morals whatsoever. Just look at her picture she looks used and tons of face injections and i was told by her friend that she is fake, lips, nose, breasts, etc. Used her ex husband to buy her all the surgeries, cheated on him all the time then divorced him.

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