Ashley Nicole Elser Elkins, Arkansas

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My husband and I have been married 10years. We were having a blah patch but nothing I thought that was too monumental. On Feb 18th, I received a call from my daughter’s friend’s mom. My daughter’s friend saw my husband and some woman hanging all over each other kissing and holding hands. Mind you my daughter’s friend is an adult. They were shocked as well as I, but my gut told me it was true. That whole “how could they not know” was slapped upside my head & pieces started falling together. I searched the phone records and found out who she was. My husband had met her working on her car a year prior. Then she started working in the hometown grocery store, mind you we have 2,000 people in town. He said they were just friends but he wouldn’t stop talking to her. Then I told him to get the f**k out, I would not tolerate this and if he didn’t have the balls to choose me & his family over some twit, I would make the decision for him. He called her right then and told her not to contact him again. This all happened within a 2 week period.

Since then she befriended my renter, who didn’t know about any of this, to come on MY property behind my house, which she is no longer allowed or she WILL be prosecuted; she has left pictures of herself on MY vehicle at my husband’s work and she makes frequent trips to my husband’s work as he works for a large retail store. This I was going to let go, a silly little girl who didn’t know when no meant no. Here comes the sticky part. Our daughter needed a job and due to circumstances the only job she could get was the one in the local grocery store. She worked in a completely different department & we thought it would be OK. BUT this stupid cunt started spreading stories about sleeping with my daughter’s dad and of course it got back to her.  My daughter is a minor on top of that.

I have also met several people in the last few months who know her real well and she pretty much dates married men only. She brags at work about the married men she sleeps with and dates. Not only does she want the men but she wants the women too. It is really sad as she has 3 young children, who are pretty much raised by the grandparents and it has been seen and told how poorly she treats these kids. She needs to be exposed for who she is and taught that this is not acceptable behavior.



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