Barbara Lopez — Attempt at homewrecking

Barbara Lopez — Attempt at homewrecking

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My husband and I work at a hospital, she comes in and he takes her to where she needs to be. They strike up a conversation, he tells her about me and his children and she tells him about her and her illness. Then come the waterworks and her being “ALL ALONE” and how no one cares she’s sick or by herself. She asks him to be her friend and they exchange IG and eventually SnapChats. He checks up on her health as she was hospitalized. Then visits her in the hospital while he’s on his shift… the virtual conversations keep going and she tells him she doesn’t want to sound thirsty because she knows he’s married. Soon they’re calling and FaceTiming. I ask my husband and he immediately tells me that they’re just friends but he WAS feeling a connection. She basically said to me that she wants him and if I am as old as I say I am, I should be more mature and basically throw away 11 years for them to be together… Then my husband blocked her and decided she wasn’t worth his or my time. Attempt blocked homewrecker!

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