Barbara Riddle — Life is not Beautiful, You Back Stabbing B****

Barbara Riddle — Life is not Beautiful, You Back Stabbing B****

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Barbara Riddle and her husband were our friends, we socialized together many times. She shared that she was miserable in her marriage to a man that cheats on her constantly, flying his misstress along on work trips and constantly visiting happy-ending-massage parlors and swingers clubs. Barbara is your typical no-talent, unhappy person that stays in an miserable marriage because she has no skills and is afraid to support herself. We were out of town, staying in a hotel on discovery day. I fell asleep early, tired from traveling. I heard the familiar sound of text pinging. As I opened my eyes, I saw my husband hiding his cell phone under the sheets, clearly sexting and sending graphic pics back and forth with Barbara. I grabbed for the phone but couldn’t get it from his death grip and he ran and locked himself in the bathroom, deleting the evidence. Within the next week, I discovered the other woman was not a stranger, but my friend, Barbara! I discovered hotel charges and found that her husband watched him leave her house in the middle of the day after a she gave him oral sex in her own bedroom, while her children were away at school. I had a complete and literal nervous breakdown, the sadness was suffocating. The betrayl of my husband was immense, but adding the betrayl of a friend, another woman, was more than I could handle. How could she do that to me?! I still haven’t the answer. I tried to meet with her in hopes that I would hear a sincere apology and she might help me to understand how this happened. I should have known better, she is truly the worst kind of horrible person, completely unaccoutnable, smug and truly evil. Of course per norm, my husband vowed to never talk to her again, begging me not to leave him. He spilled every detail of their affair, the calls, the conversations, the midday sex in hotel rooms on his lunch hour, her very poor and unsatisfying sex skills. What I found out recently is that she called him after seeing him at an event and there it began again. She literally will not stop! Our children have suffered, our family is in ruin and still this lying, cheating, horrible person will try and try and try. She is a virus. I think it’s important for Barbara to know that she is the very definition of evil. I hope that she burns in hell and dies a very horrible death, now that would be justified. I pray that I will never see her, because I couldn’t control my actions. I would take every bit of hate for her that is in my soul and poor it onto her. I read that the pain of discovery of an affair is second only to loosing a child. I have to say that I believe this to be true. The pain, anguish and anxiety has tormented me for too long and I hope that the world will tell Barbara Riddle that she is a soulless, backstabbing b****. She could have picked up any poor desperate guy off Tinder to screw and instead targeted my husband, destroying me and my family. Here is what I have learned. Miserable people simply want to make others as miserable as themselves and some men simply can’t resist an easy lay, no matter how unsatisfying it is. She is ugly inside and out. Feel free to tell her so.

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