Becky Rangel — Build Her Up CEO tearing families apart!

Becky Rangel — Build Her Up CEO tearing families apart!

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I caught this woman texting and pursuing my Husband. She met him by purchasing a car from the car lot he works at so obviously it doesn’t take much to get into her pants. I called her after I caught some messages she sent before they were deleted. I called her and initially she refused to give me any answers. After I wouldn’t give up she proceeded to tell me how it had been going on for at least a month and told me that he told her he was married but we were only still married because we couldn’t afford to get a divorce. She was also aware that we still lived together and had young children in the house. She allowed my husband to stop at her house for 20 minutes at a time, fuk her and leave. If there was much communication it was only during work hours. So, she couldn’t have thought there was anything to this “affair” other than sex…. As a women’s advocate I feel confident in assuming that she has heard this story more times than she could count so, in my opinion, she chose to “believe it” because she wanted to screw my husband. It disgusts me that this woman is out here advertising herself as a real WOMAN who has the best interest for other women in mind. She should be put on blast and everyone should be aware of what kind of person is running this site. I read things on her webpage and all I can think is WHAT A JOKE. Liar, slore FAKE.

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  1. Captain MarvelApril 4, 2019 at 7:14 pm