Betty Gail Turner Hyden, Kentucky

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Ok, so this is how it started, I was pregnant with my first child and we had been married for about a year at the time. I was noticing that my husband was kind of growing cold with me, I seen him on a few occasions with this women, but she was so disgusting that I didn’t feel that she could be the reason.

As time passed and my baby was born I started back at work. One day in the middle of my shift I got a call from a women I had only talked to one time in my life, she told me that she had taken my child from her dad because he had come to her house with a older women and they were both intoxicated, so she took the baby from them. I called my sister to come get me from work so that I could go get my child, as we started down the street where the house was located, we seen them leaving. My sister and I preceded to follow them, watched him get in another car with a man, and he arrived home with him thinking I would have no idea where he was.

Now this is not the first time this women had done something like this, she had recently had an affair with my husbands boss and I watched his wife as if she was unfazed, as time went on I watched this women harass the mans wife as if she had done something to her.
I had to get a babysitter for my child because her dad was too busy with the whore. She started to harass me because my husband had told her he was done, she would call me and start fights, in turn I would fight with him.

Eventually we decided to move to Chicago where we thought it would all end. About 2 weeks after we arrived my husband went to jail, serving a 25 year sentence. I was at peace with the whole thing and I went to the jail to let him see the baby. and unbelievable, she had traveled 980 miles for a 15 minute visit that I had already had for the week. I was in no way going to cause her harm. I was just in shocked and disbelief.  I yelled her name, and it was her.

I eventually went back home, and she continued to harass me for 2 year, I moved 3 counties away. I had a next door neighbor who had been with her man for 5 years strong, they had just got married, and things started to go south. He moved out and a few months later she came to talk to me and my sister telling us he had left her for a women in Hyden which is the town we grew up in. She wants to know if we know this women, and once again I am in shock of this women’s actions, she had ran off with my next door neighbors husband! Keep in mind this is about 150 miles from where she lives. Now she harasses my next door neighbor. She is a homewrecker of many kinds, and only likes a man who is married. I’m thinking she must have some kind of self worth problems.



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