Brandi Lee Spagnotti

Brandi Lee Spagnotti

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I dated Joseph Mulske for 5 years. He was supposed to be different. I had a previous relationship that was traumatic, abusive, and violent, he constantly cheated on me.. Joe swore to me that he was different. So I began to trust again. my mistake. Now, months after we split up, and numerous other girls and affairs, I’ve finally heard and was told the full truth. Joe had gotten upset with me, because I decided to leave and go to a good friends house. So what was his payback? To cheat. He cheated on me with Brandi. I had come home minutes after the sl00t cleaned herself off, after being screwed by my boyfriend, in our bed. She even sat next to me trying to talk and be my friend. I didn’t have any idea till later that night. I was horrified. hurt. Broken. Hes cheated before, but for some reason, this one really hurt my heart. I was also in a very dark place in my life, and had become addicted to drugs. I Had gotten into some trouble and ended up in prison and treatment, thankfully, it got me clean and sober. Joe and I decided to retry and work it out. It didnt work out. And he told me just the other day how even after I caught them, he continued to cheat on me with her when I was gone. He blames me. I’m mortified because now, I have a beautiful daughter with this man, and he lied and lied. And I’m absolutely heartbroken. This woman knew. I told her. My mother even told her. She continued to fuk him and he continued to hurt me. I wish nothing but hell on them both.

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