Brandon Blood — Greenfield, Indiana

Brandon Blood — Greenfield, Indiana

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This man is the worst of the worst. I should’ve seen the red flags on the wall way before I did. This man not only cheats on his wife with one girl but does it with two. They are “happily married and getting help” now after he has cheated on her at least four different times two of which she is aware of. I told her about the two. When I saw that she made one of these for the other girl who came forward with information about her relationship with him I decided that that he needs expose as well. He tells girls/women that he is going through a divorce, is leaving his wife and that they are not the side chick. When his wife finds out about them she stalks them. He is constantly talking to other girls and flirting and get this woman keeps him. Brandon blood is a piece of shit. Once the girl who is also on this site for being ” A homewrecker” found out that he was still with his wife ended their contact and has not talk to him since. I tried to negotiate a sit down with the wife to let her know what details I had of her and my own relationship with him and the lies that he told both of us about her and what he had told her about us. We live in a relatively small town and with this woman running her mouth about both of us it has hurt both of our job opportunities and our own social life. We are trying to move on in our lives and we leave this married man alone after all the lies and deceit he is done to us. But with this drama filled family and this horrible man neither one of us stand a chance of letting this be in the past. She created this site about the other girl almost a year after the time they were together. The girl was moving on with her life and this trashy family posted where this girls workedinthe past and her full name and made her seem like a bitch when really this girl walked away. If This woman would stop in and check on her man at work she would see all the different girls that you talk to you in a day half of that he’s put his dick inside.

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