Breanna Martinez sleeps with her husbands ex bestfriend.

Breanna Martinez sleeps with her husbands ex bestfriend.

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This one is a bit hard for me. This girl was my husband friend first before she became mine. My relationship with her grew closer and closer to the point where I considered her like family. When my husband went to Bootcamp/ A School she and her husband (Jason) which is my husband ex bestfriend now. Well they were both there for me and my daughter. Anyways we moved out of state and she was having problems at home and I told her to come stay w us until her husband came back from Bootcamp/ASchool. Her husband end up joining the military after. So she came to stay with me and my husband while we were out in WA. During that time i knew she was having some trouble in her relationship and also her family. While me and my husband were also having relationship problems. Never did I think they were going to have a relationship. She slept with my husband, while I was at work. I didn’t know this at the time but I just found out this year around March. This happened three years ago but to me it feels recent. Everything makes sense now. The way she was acting towards him, the way she would talk about him. I feel stupid, for trusting her. For trusting him. For trusting them together. What they did to me and Jason is not something I can get over lightly. Not only that, I was told she had always crushed on my husband Way before she got married. Like what!!??? & after she had sex w my husband she wanted him to leave me, & stay with her. She was going to leave her husband to stay with mine. What kind of “friend” does that. I couldn’t believe any of it. But Breanna. What you did to me and my family, is unacceptable. Regardless of what happened between you and me during that argument we had in WA I never saw you as my enemy. I always felt bad. But after what I found out this year 2021, how dare you say to me I wasn’t “women” enough to come talk to you first about the issue I had with you during the time. How dare you say that to me when you weren’t women enough to admit your wrongs. Just admit what YOU did. & stop blaming others for your wrong doings. I hope this gets to you.

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