Brett Pierce Kibbey — Lakeland, Florida

Brett Pierce Kibbey — Lakeland, Florida

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Pierce Kibbey is a horrible man. The has been having an affair with his best friend’s wife, Silvia Abreu, for over a year. This man has an ego that is larger that he is. He is ex-Marine and has a very dishonorable personality. It is rumored that he married his wife a several years ago only so he could have access to her money and assets. Anyone who has been around Pierce and his wife, Lisa, know that their marriage is a façade. That give no excuse to run around on her, and especially with her best friend and his own best friend’s wife. Pierce and his ego are self-employed with a company he named PRACTICs. He is a fraud! He wants others to believe he is a faithful Christian, but he is far from it. Just in regards to his infidelity, he needs to read up on Leviticus 20:10. People have asked him to repent and confess to his wife. He refuses, but instead tells his wife his mistress Silvia stalks him and wants protection. Hah! Pierce and Silvia both need to face the music. Silvia’s husband had the smarts to leave her, but Pierce’s wife is remaining ignorant and naive.

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  1. QueenBeeMarch 25, 2018 at 6:47 am

    Once a cheater always a cheater! Pierce cheated on Lisa even prior to their courthouse wedding with someone else. Advice, wear a condom! Not only should he be telling his sexual partners that he has STDs, one of which is incurable.. but pregnancy has occurred. Beware this charismatic military man