Bri Housler — Marion, Indiana

Bri Housler — Marion, Indiana

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My husband and I split up after 21 years of marriage. I had been struggling for the past 2 weeks that he’s been gone blaming myself for my failed marriage after raising 2 children and devoting my life to him, but lo my son played with his phone and found text messages from this woman telling my husband (We are still legally married) that she loved him and that she was glad he was divorcing me. She works at the same place he does and I couldn’t figure out why he went from telling me he loved me and making all these plans for us to flipping a switch to this cruel cold man who threw 21 years away like it was trash, and now I know-he’s been having an affair with this woman. Bri Housler is no one that should be coaching women on spicing up their bedroom unless they are women who want to know how to mess with married men-married men who are having mid life crisises. She’s a young woman who should get her own man instead of messing with married ones. She won’t stay with my ex and he’s about to get a rude awakening about life on the other side of the septic tank.

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