Brianna Burkes — Selfish cure to loneliness

Brianna Burkes — Selfish cure to loneliness

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Brianna Burkes has a habit of finding local Rogue Valley men on Tinder, preying on the ones who show her the slightest attention, and using them to fill the void in her cold heart. She has been “the other woman” with six different men. She has a six year old child she drags through this treachery with her. Her town name is “Tinderella”. She stalks the man, convinced that it is romantic to leave creepy messages, gifts, and notes on their vehicles hoping that he will once again give her attention after she pretends to first discover the man was using her for her weak personality and young vagina. She guilts him until she is done playing her games. She will play cat and mouse with him until she becomes bored of him, then uses her “emotional walls” as an excuse to push him away, leaving his life in pieces, another woman devastated, and children fatherless. She loves to play innocent, but be warned, she knows exactly what she is doing and will go to any length to manipulate men into treating her like the princess she thinks she is-she is nothing but a pathetic naive rebound sloot. She will never know love. She will burn in Hell for what she’s done. Brianna is the scum of the earth.

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