Brittany Kendzior-Spangler

Brittany Kendzior-Spangler

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Meet Brittany Kendzior-Spangler (BKS), married mother of two young (day care/pre-K) children, resident of Kenosha WI, originally from Waukegan IL. This married woman strategically and deliberately pursued a married coworker through various means and entered into a long term affair, beginning with oral services in Sept/Oct 2016 and moving to full services as of 11/2016. This affair continued until 12/2018. Though BKS refers to her husband as the “love of her life,” she does not demonstrate this in any way. She has no respect for him, herself, or others. She desperately craves attention and must be the center of it at all times. She has no problem telling coworkers (male and female) and anyone within ear shot at local bars (Rivals, Route 20) her favorite sexual position (woof, woof), that she wears Victoria Secret thongs, has been shaving herself since she was 13 or 14, is also attracted to women, likes to use sex toys and doesn’t believe we are meant to be with one person for our whole lives (wonder if her husband knows this?). If you ask, she will even show you her shaved area, right in the bar. BKS has an array of medical problems and has accommodations to work from home. While “working from home” she will sext photos of herself from the bedroom she shares with her husband. The photos she will send include being topless, in and out of her thong, close-ups of her genitals and pleasuring herself with her (silver bullet) sex toy or manually. Working from home is so hard. She will personally book and pay for local hotel stays in the SE WI area and of course send pictures to your man before he arrives. She will also allow pictures to be taken as she lies in the hotel bed and will gladly pose for any other situation with and without clothing. Most sex was provided between 3:30 pm. – 5:30 pm., prior to picking up her children from day care and having to get home to her husband (hotel visits started at 1:00 pm). Oral services (which were most common) were most frequently provided in the back parking lot of the Brat Stop. Full services are conducted in vehicles parked at the Brat Stop or in local parks. She is readily available on picnic tables, in your house, and of course hotels. BKS never says no. While in the affair above, she also had “alone time” with another male coworker in a hotel for a few hours; she is a busy girl. She also shared her hotel room with this male coworker and her BFF (LWP) that same night. This same BFF was also involved in assisting with one of her rendezvous’ with the married coworker. There are also rumors in the workplace about her actions with male coworkers when they would travel together. HR was involved with her due to a sexual issue within the workplace. Can anyone see a problem or pattern here? BKS has no morals or values, is very manipulative and will tell any lie to cover her tracks. Her family must be so proud of her.

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