Caitlin Lambert — Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Caitlin Lambert — Woonsocket, Rhode Island

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Caitlin Lambert attempted and failed to steal my life. She was always haunting my relationship; lurking awaiting for a moment of strife between myself and my fiancé. She threw herself at him, allowed herself to be treated terribly and caused significant trauma to our love and our children’s lives. He will never leave me to be with you no matter how many dirty sexual acts you perform. I am the lady beside him through life, in bed each night, as his mate and love. You are just a HOMEWRECKER he’s embarrassed of and keeps secret.

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  1. JewlesFebruary 18, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Ok sense you have no problem being the backup lady in your husbands life mAybe it is time to make some rules for y’alls marriage. 1. Tell him not to mess with crazy women. 2. Tell him to keep her a better secret so you can go on in your fake world. And keep acting lime your marriage is perfect. You are obviously ok with him banging other woman as long as you know he is coming home to you so why even post her? You act like your pathetic husband loves and respects you. He doesn’t. As long as he knows he can bang other women just as long as he don’t leave your make believe world everything is good. She didn’t do anything to your home or your kids. Your pathetic husband did. He has done figured out you are a cheaper to keep her kinda wife. Nothing more. Maybe get you some help so you can tell the difference between love and convenience. I bet tons of money this is not the only woman your husband is getting freaky with. Maybe if you want him to stay home your should step up your sex game. Remember what you won’t do with your husband he will find someone who will.