Caitlin Taylor Good — Dirty Slore Cun*Bag: Caitlin Good

Caitlin Taylor Good  — Dirty Slore Cun*Bag: Caitlin Good

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I’m a dirty fuking slore. You can call me Caitlin Taylor Good!  Or Taylor Made! I have a slore page on I’ll steal your cc’s, your cash, buy drugs, steal your fuking car and suck your c0ck. I’m not a GOOD girl. I have sores on my legs from shooting H! I shoot my “dates” with heroin without their consent and steal from them. I will lie, steal, cheat and suck you dry. Open Felony warrants out of Broward County Florida Drugs! And more Drugs is all she is about.  Don’t rent me a car bc I won’t return the fuking thing.  I will hide it and run up the bill. Damage it and lie. I’m a gross dirty slore….do you want me?  I have open felony warrants in Florida, that’s why I’m working the GR scene.  I’ll do you and your fuking friends. My motto is.  Crack, Dope, Marijuana. A 60$ chunk for this 10$ slore.  Babe!  Cvm back! Call me! {redacted}

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