Caley Nicole Gilligan Home wrecking for gold

Caley Nicole Gilligan Home wrecking for gold

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This one here is very manipulative. Like, reverse manipulation and so on. Somehow Convinced me to leave my wife and kids , put my business in her name and within 1 month after that was settled; she left and got her own place. She is young , pretty and smart. But she only works for the almighty dollar. So she is easy to combat and only feeds on cash money. So if you act broke, you’re safe. She lied and cheated in the process and then would constantly blame me for doing all the things that she was actually doing(once again manipulative) . She claimed to break up because I had watched porn before while we were still together. The funny thing is, a week later she was asking me to help her do some couple action on OnlyFans! So she broke up over the porn, but then was suddenly doing live porn online !!! Not to mention, After I got my business back and cut her off; she tried to get back w/me several times. I told her no thanks! After the breakup she confided that the men she had been fooling with we’re just for her to get free drinks and things. And that she was “just waxing” them for their $ in any way! Now she is bashing me for no reason to people that I know. I am a professional and a father. All I have tried to do is get away from her but she is like the crop dust of a nasty fart following along. Hinting here and there that she could make things worse. If you see her, look the other way my friend. Oh yeah, she’ll take your woman too ♾

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