Cameo Henley (Gross) — South Shore, Kentucky

Cameo Henley (Gross) — South Shore, Kentucky

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So Cameo Henley thinks it’s okay to add married/taken men on Snapchat and then try to meet up and send pictures. She is also married with 2 kids, her first born belongs to her “husbands” brother. She was f*king around on her husband the entire time she was pregnant also so who knows who the second born little girl belongs to! Poor kid! She takes pride in being a home wrecker because she learned it from her mommy and daddy Mona and Wayson cooper! They are swingers and had swinger party’s on the regular. So naturally Cameo and her husband Jared are now swingers because let’s face it, to be married to Cameo you have to be just as low down and dirty! She moved away from KY with her husband, 9 HOURS away but still made the trip to KY regularly WITHOUT her husband to leave her 2 small children with her parents for 2 days straight with no calls, no checkins or anything while she was out wh*ring around with anything that would have her!

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  1. Her worst nightmareSeptember 23, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    LOL! Everything here is so true. Google eyed scum bag