Carley Linder Has A Thing for Married Men and Doesn’t Get the Shame She Deserves for It

Carley Linder Has A Thing for Married Men and Doesn’t Get the Shame She Deserves for It

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Carley is a real piece of work who is Tik Tok (in)famous for banging a married man for years and getting engaged to him days after the divorce papers from his first marriage were signed thanks to his ex-wife exposing their trash behavior in a comment on a viral Tik Tok/Instagram post about her engagement that gives so many Not Like Other Girls vibes. This was happening while his ex-wife was pregnant and working hard taking care of his other kids who he barely sees anymore. The worst part is that just by looking at her Instagram you can tell that everyone in her life is supporting and encouraging her for her immoral and selfish behavior, which really shows me where she got her bad morals from. Why no one in her circles calls her out on her sh1tty behavior is something to be seriously questioned. Those two absolutely deserve each other and I am so happy for the ex-wife for getting away from that man. It would not be surprising if Carley’s now-fiance will cheat on her too if she ever develops some self-respect and refuses to let him control her anymore, which was what drove him to cheat on his ex-wife in the first place. Keep your boyfriends and husbands away from this woman. Who knows if she’ll go after another taken or married man if she decides she’s bored of him or he gets fed up with her NLOG attitude.

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