Carol Soriano — Working the way around the company

Carol Soriano — Working the way around the company

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This woman knowing my husband was married and had children didn’t care and started a relationship with and slept with my husband. The night there was a huge snowstorm and I was shoveling the driveway with a foot of snow deep in it to make sure he could pull his car in, he was at a motel after work fuking this b1tch. They were both so caring about my kids that they were going to wait until after the holidays to tell me. Thankfully someone else that works with them had enough respect for me to message me and let me know what was going on. His excuse….I don’t make him happy anymore and she does after 2 weeks of being with her. He wants to end our marriage for someone he even says is not pretty but makes him happy. I know that she makes her way through men at this workplace so it won’t last long and he’s theowing everything away for a tiny piece of happiness. But she is the worst because she KNOWS he is married and has kids and she doesn’t care!!!!

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