Caroline Oberst won’t stop screwing married men!

Caroline Oberst won’t stop screwing married men!

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Yes, articles have been posted about this tranny for years but what most people don’t know is that she is an EXPERT at playing victim to the circumstances she creates. There are so many FACTS that tie Caroline Oberst to years of anonymous harassment including (but not limited to) Go daddy websites, Twitter accounts, articles on the dirty and Instagram accounts (where she pretends to be other people) harassing a young woman she is jealous of. Caroline is 41, lives with her mother (pathetic) and works as a client service associate at [REDACTED] making $12 an hour. When Caroline isn’t working her measly 9-5 or taking photos of her f****ing dog, she’s hiding behind fake social media profiles harassing a 28 year old girl that she’s jealous of. Why one might ask? Because a MAN she was roommates with in 2018 didn’t want to be with her and kicked her out of his home (not once but twice). Caroline is so obsessed with Ariel that she manipulated her gullible friend into ganging up on her and more recently her illiterate, bald, car salesman boyfriend. Somehow they’re all so dumb that they fall for it and help aid in Caroline’s dirty work. Caroline tries to act like she’s oh-so-classy and innocent but it’s all for show and just as fake and calculated as she is. She was having sex her boyfriend while he was MARRIED a year prior to him filing for a divorce. Notice the trend? Not only does smelly Caroline like to ruin girls she’s jealous of lives but she likes to ruin other women’s marriages too! Anyway, I almost feel sorry for this twat and the sad life she leads but she’s such an evil vindictive b**** behind closed doors that it’s nearly impossible to sympathize with.

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