Carolyn morrow — I don’t love him, I love the money!

Carolyn morrow — I don’t love him, I love the money!

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Where to start? Her and her husband have been on and off for years. She refuses to leave him for good because she doesn’t like to work and she needs him to pay bills. So while her husband is on the road she talks to her ex on the phone and via text swapping pictures back and forth and all that. Once she even got ready to go see him and made me help her lie to her husband about it. She’s a money hungry gold digging slore. She does whatever it takes to make sure her grown a55 sons bills are paid. She even stole my debit card to pay his car insurance. I also think she has some sick fetish with watching her son. She was all the time walking in on him in the shower or when he’s in his room changing. She’s a twisted individual. 🤮

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  1. sxtreemJuly 23, 2019 at 8:31 am

    she can take my money. but that will never happen