Catalina Ospina — Cruel and shady backstabber

Catalina Ospina — Cruel and shady backstabber

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This woman’s name is Catalina Ospina and she’s probably the most vile human I’ve ever met. She didn’t steal my husband, but boy did she try! We were friendly work acquaintances at one point, and at least from my end, I thought we were cool. Most girls didn’t like her because she’s conceited and selfish, always flirting with the bosses in order to get a better schedule and avoiding side work, leaving everyone else with more work to do.. but I chose not to judge her so she gravitated towards me. She came crying to me one day asking for help when she was fired from her waitressing job because she knew my husband had many connections in the hospitality industry. I invited her to lunch with my family so they could talk, he connected her with a few managers that he knew and got her a few interviews. I noticed as the months went by, I would text her to check up on her and she started avoiding my texts and grew distant. When I brought this to my husband’s attention he immediately started acting weird, and after much prying, he eventually told me everything. This woman had been sending him nude photos and sexually aggresive emails for MONTHS. Complained about being unhappy in her own relationship, telling him about her on-going drug problem, and said she wanted to be with an older man (like my husband). When my husband shut her down and blocked her email, she somehow found his number and started texting him, calling him at the office, showing up at his job unannounced, etc.. It wasn’t until I confronted her over the phone that she stopped. Never did I get an apology, an acknowledgment of wrong-doing, NOTHING. In fact, she down played her actions calling them “minor flirtations” and said that I as I was overreacting and she wanted nothing more to do with either of us. This woman had met our 2 sons, held my newborn, would make comments on social media about what a wonderful family we were.. and the whole time she was trying to take my man! It took nearly a year of therapy for us to fully recover because at first I believed my husband was lying to me. How can a woman be so desperate to break up a happy home unless the husband is leading her on, right?? Wrong. Turns out some people’s self esteem is just so low that they thrive on the suffering of others. My husband went as far as to take a lie detector test to prove to me that he never cheated and it was all her. We nearly got a divorce over this! Our children, our parents and siblings, the whole family was affected by this ordeal. Beware ladies! Wolves often hide in sheep’s clothing.

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