Catrina Forrest Home wrecking SLORE

Catrina Forrest Home wrecking SLORE

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This nasty vile despicable [email protected] waffle. Can’t get her own man or woman she likes both so she goes after ones that are taken. I met her a couple of years ago. And she was in a relationship with a woman she said her boyfriend beat her all the time and she said that her girlfriend was going to leave her boyfriend. That should have been my first clue to stay the away from her. So her girlfriend stayed where the boyfriend and left catrina. Catrina started hanging out with my husband and my self. I made this woman feel like part of the family. Little did I know she was seducing my husband. She made up all kinds of Lies she told him I said I didn’t love him anymore and I didn’t want to have sex with him anymore. I mean just lie after lie after lie. This nasty SLORE would come back into my house after I went to bed and f*** my husband on the couch in the hot tub on the porch and God knows where else. No morals whatsoever. All the while claiming to be my friend. We took forever e we’re with us. She is the master at manipulation. So husbands wives girlfriends boyfriends beware she’s out there and she wants yours.

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