Chad Espinoza — Here’s the King of Lying, Cheating and Home wrecking!

Chad Espinoza — Here’s the King of Lying, Cheating and Home wrecking!

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Let’s start with his numerous children from one night stands! His oldest is 24, he was a result of a drunken rodeo one night stand, that child was raised by the mother with no help from this loser. Two other boys from another mother who has had to fight tooth and nail for any financial support from this loser and also file reports with child protective services when he has been allowed to be around them. One time he was so drunk his 12 year old child had to drive this drunken loser home from the wilderness where they had been shooting GUNS and drinking alcohol. He even physically assaulted that mother at one point resulting in his FIRST official assault charge. Then there is the youngest, 8 years old and has never met her “daddy” this little one was a result of a three day fling after The King of Cheating decided his then fiancee was getting too “possessive”. Because naturally that is what one does, right? Go CHEAT, make a baby, and WALK AWAY. The long trail of the King of Cheating doesn’t stop there! Fast forward to a then married King of the Cheat, he has an affair with his son’s 5th grade teacher at the time! This continues with a trail of lies for nearly two years before he is outed and when he was confronted, he was charged with FELONY PARTNER STRANGULATION. But WAIT we aren’t done YET! The King can’t give up his crown! He then CONTINUES to lie to, and have sex with other woman OTHER THAN THE ONE he ruined his marriage over! He simply can not stop! Trust me folks I could not make this up if I tried! This man truly needs to be registered as a habitual lying, cheating, woman beating home wrecker!! If you find yourself being charmed by the The King, RUN! Save yourself the trail of tears that always follows the King!

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