Charity Pruitt McDonough, Georgia

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Charity showed her face for the first time at a local bar when me and my boyfriend were there having drinks. She was being very flirty with him, so I asked if he knew her. He said she was a server at the same restaurant he works at, just some waitress. Over the next few weeks, she began coming around a lot more, eventually to hang out with us at his house. She always ignored me, and was always flirty with him. She began buying him gifts, sleeping over on the couch (when I was there). She was completely aware that me and him were serious. We talked about marriage and a family in front of her, the whole nine yards. She acted as if she were my “friend.” I confronted her multiple times that she made me uncomfortable the way she acted around him. She would always say, “Oh I’m just a really nice person!”

Even after I moved in with him, she was always there, like a tumor. The gifts got more expensive. She called him all the time. I got more suspicious, but she and him both swore they were just “besties” and nothing would ever happen. I caught her on top of him on the ground at a party one time, but they blamed it on being drunk. He assured me it was nothing and convinced me I was crazy for thinking it. Not even a month after I had moved in with him, I was looking at his phone and saw all of their texts, including nude pictures. There was also a video on his phone of her giving him oral. Well, me and him were over, I moved out. I found out a little later that she was about 2 months pregnant with his baby… they aren’t together anymore.

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