Chavon De-Freitas Killeen/Harker Heights, Texas

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My homewrecker is a shameless nasty little girl. She’s 22 or 23 but is desperate for attention like shes a 13 year old girl smh. She obviously has never been anything but the side piece because no man wants to take the the chick who’s already screwed everyone else seriously. She’s definitely the first slice of bread “everyone touches her but nobody wants her” lmao! I had heard about her and how much she liked my husband, who I’ve been with 9 years, before I found out she was actually sucking his dong. Since she’s so repulsive I wasn’t worried, she is just so damn sloppy and nasty! But apparently her relentless chasing of my husband paid off. She stooped so low as to lie and say her mother was dying with only days/weeks to live and that her sister was going to prison and needed my husbands advice. Her mother is just fine and Chavon even told me herself it was a lie and she doesn’t have siblings. She was all over him in front of all of their coworkers and anyone else who would watch… It’s what we call having no shame or morals.

I know that it takes 2 to tango, believe me I have most definitely let my husband suffer and I left state shortly after for about 4 months. Anyways, he went to their coworkers house after work (she was homeless and so she stayed with this coworker) and being the trashy tramp she is she gave him head in the parking lot by the dumpster… Funny thing is he had just slept with me before work both times she gave him head and he didn’t shower, so that’s obviously something she doesn’t mind. She actually text him after and told him she enjoyed it and the taste smh. One night my 1 yr old daughter and I were asleep in bed at 3 a.m. and my husbands phone rings. I answered when I saw the name Chavon and like the coward she is she didn’t talk, which made it even more suspicious. Apparently she was drunk and high off pills and she decided to call my hubby. So I started asking him and finally he admitted to it. She gave him head twice and they tried sleeping together but she couldn’t get his thing hard.  Since those times she sucked him off and tried sleeping with him she couldn’t get him hard she really spread a rumor he was gay and keyed his car with the word “fag”. She’s so mature and so classy smh.

My husband of course begged for forgiveness and told me how easy it was to get the head and how she pretty much begged him to be with her and constantly for months followed him around. Even other people that worked there said how desperate she is with ALL the guys there but she tried to get my husband for months and would try anything. What woman with self respect sucks off a man that calls her fat and sloppy? Well, I put a stop to the shit and her excuse for ruining my family was she thought my husband was attractive… Little girl grow up! She has mental problems on top of being a compulsive liar. When I confronted her she admitted to sleeping with 6 other guys besides my husband. Her excuse was that she has worked there with them for 9 months, so there was a lot of time between according to her lol. She likes to play the victim and said she has no idea why I don’t like her, just another great example of how dumb she is. She even had her  mother come in their job when I was there speaking to my husband minding my own business! Her mom smelled and looked terrible. She came up to me threatening me and was surprised when I had finally had enough and stood up and told her to beat my ass! She then sat down. Chavon didn’t even stand up for her mom or help her. She stood in the back looking like a fat idiot and I said are you gonna just stand there you nasty bitch and she still didn’t come by her mom she just ran her mouth now that she had someone else there to deal with her crap. She loves the drama and making everyone else deal with the shit she stirs up. She starts all these problems and is too scared to be a big girl and handle it herself. Her dad looked completely embarrassed lol. Then when the cops get there the officers both said that Chavon and her mother are trash and I shouldn’t waste my time or breath. He said they recognize them and so did the previous officer so that should tell you something lol. When the police get tired of your drama and say you have daddy issues maybe it’s time to stop spreading your legs Chavon! Quit being a whore and find your own man! Maybe then you wouldn’t have problems with so many women like you told me.

Your parents must be proud that they’ve raised a tramp who will go down on a man by the dumpster in a parking lot first time they hang out. Obviously She is the epitome of trash and does pills and smokes weed while drinking. She lives with some fat white trash chick who let’s Chavon bring guys over to screw in her bed or her kids bed. She had the nerve to say I’m a plain “white girl” but this girl is sloppy, doesn’t look like she bathes and will sleep with any guy who gives her attention. I have a baby but still have a great body, her body and looks will never come close to me which is why her and her fat ass friend are so into me and jealous.. She tried to say my husband and I are miserable… Yet she tried speaking to him after all this and got her feelings hurt when he asked wtf she wanted.

I wouldn’t expect a tramp whose never been anything but the sideline understand a relationship or how men will screw anything, even her, when desperate. I think it’s obvious she’s the miserable one since she can’t get her own man and has to chase mine even though he told her she’s just a screw and that’s all she could ever be. She said she always ends up in that “situation”. STOP SLEEPING WITH MARRIED MEN CHAVON! Then maybe you won’t be in that situation so often. Close your damn legs and stop being so gross. Lay off the drugs too. This has made me stronger so thanks for making me realize MY importance. Close your legs and try acting like a lady. I’m a couples months away from my bachelors degree and he realizes what he’s done. I’ve realized that I’m beautiful and independent. I know that he’s changed and he has always been a great dad and great man, but I believe he deserves to pay for his actions in order for him to truly learn from them. As for you Chavon, you need help! Stop running your mouth about me. You can have him… Oh wait, he doesn’t want you lol. Ask your other coworkers… They all talk about how sloppy you are and how your mouth stinks with your big ass teeth lol. EVERYONE knows how you sleep around and you know that as well. I gave you many chances to be a woman and you choose to talk shit and act like you’re in HS. Have a great life waiting tables! Cheers 🙂



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