Cheryl Conner Woodward is a Homewrecker

Cheryl Conner Woodward is a Homewrecker

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After a long year of struggles I dropped my husband off at Rehab for the 4th time in less than 12 months… after spending 5 days with him in the hospital for alcohol related seizures… we said this was the last time…. Dropped him off a day before our wedding anniversary…. Two days later he slept with this sloot…. She’s married too… her daughter and husband at home whiles she’s in rehab, both of them “getting better” instead they were having a little vacation…. He got kicked out after two weeks because of their affair…. Once he came home they continued… I realized it after a week…. I answered her phone calls… told her to stop calling… she was relentless!!!! FaceTiming, I’d answer… she would see me, hand up and start txt him… I told her husband about their affair and even then it didn’t stop… It’s one thing to have an affair but at least have a little decency to back off after you just ruined someone’s marriage…… She works for [REDACTED] in Atlanta… She sleeps with married strangers after two days………. What a winner.

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