Cheryl wallies Hood rat from the past

Cheryl wallies Hood rat from the past

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This pathetic and sad woman is named Cheryl Wallies – Morant. Formally from jacksonville arkansas. She moved to Georgia, but for some reason she keeps chasing the past. Girl, He didn’t chose you then and still hasn’t choosen you. He never will, it is so sad you keep living in the past. Your such a sad and pathetic person. What kind of example are you setting for you children, your girls? Really, mother of the F*cking year here ladies and gents. Your cheap back tattoo, is so you, Tacky and cheap. Honey, I’m past high school. I know you, so quick to fight with your old crippled leg self. I don’t fight honey, I will ruin your life and never lay a finger on you! Also, if for some reason your efforts pay off. Baby girl, I’m the best thing to ever happen to him and will ever happen to him. He will never be able to be with you and not think of me. He will think of me every day and would grow to hate you. He will blame you eventually and try to come crawling back to me and yeah I will probably let him hit it just to spite you! So, Cw what do you want the past or a future? Keep messing with what’s mine, and you will never have a successful career, marriage, or anything except that VA check! Bye SugerFoot!!!

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