Chester Samsel Modern Day Dirty John

Chester Samsel Modern Day Dirty John

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Girls, do yourself a favor and RUN if you come across this guy. He is a manipulative user that preys on women for their money and what he can benefit for them. He comes off as the perfect gentleman, a modern day prince charming. But what he is actually doing is he tries to find your vulnerabilities and capitalize on them so that you fall madly in love and are blind so he can take advantage of you. I was married to him in 2015 after dating him for about three years. He comes off as the perfect man- charming, sweet and loving. Everything I ever wanted on a silver platter- but it was all a facade. He insisted that I put double the amount towards our wedding that he was providing. Within days of our wedding, ran to the bank to empty out what he needed to pay off his debts. I found out soon after we got married that he was cheating with a teacher in the same district I worked. Little by little, more lies and deceit unfolded. He had an entirely fake identify so he could date other women behind my back as well as calling strippers and floozys on the night of our wedding rehearsal. He also doesn’t have any social media, and will say he is “old school.” He will not like to take pictures with you or allow you take many pictures of him. He tries to make you limit or delete your social media or make sure all your social media is on privacy settings if you post him. He does not like that you research his name online because you will get information on him. This is why he creates false identities. He will be very controlling, insecure and jealous. Chester will want to know all of your activities and may even ask for access to all your stuff so he can keep track of you. I was lucky enough to leave the marriage as soon as I found out he was cheating with no ties – no children, no real estate. And believe me he was begging me to buy real estate. Although it’s been years, I know he’s continued his games- lying and cheating on another fiancé and trying to use other women for cash, cars and property. But don’t be fooled at first he will take you out, spend money and buy you things. He will say God sent him to save you and be everything you ever wanted. He’ll tell you you’re “cut from the same cloth.” This is all part of his plan. This is how he reels you in to then use you and take what you have. He is a real sneaky Dirty John. Even if he has you It’s always about the next woman with money. His sole concern is to meet someone to financially support him and where he can have investments in their dollar for additional income. (Don’t be fooled by his profession – he’s a firefighter and 100k+ salary, yet he has nothing to his name.) He’s also a compulsive gambler. He’s become paranoid, insecure, obsessive and jealous. When he’s been confronted about his lies, he’s threatened violence and tried to instill fear of showing up to the workplace, stalk you at work and at your residence, harass you, etc. For your own sake, run.

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