Chloe Anne Baulch — A Money Grabbing Homewrecker

Chloe Anne Baulch — A Money Grabbing Homewrecker

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This sloot likes to “date” multiple men if she thinks that they have money. She then pretends to care to get access to their wallets. She has done this with multiple people, and will no doubt do it again. She pretends to care about all your problems, but this is only superficial. She openly abuses alcohol, and is violent when she does not get her own way (usually because someone will not give her money). Avoid like the plague at all costs, she enjoys cheating and boasts about it nonstop. She also does not use protection.

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  1. Drop DueceApril 3, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    She has to be a money grabber….. how else will she keep her weight the same has an elephant.