Chris McNichols — Cheating Pig

Chris McNichols — Cheating Pig

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This is one sick man. He’s a compulsive liar and cheater. He would lie about his girlfriend and treat her horrible just to make himself look perfect when she found out he was cheating. He was sleeping with his ex still and hiding things from her. He was also flirting with other girls constantly. He even told his girlfriend once that the flirting and everything he was doing with other women was what he wanted with other girls while they were together. This wasn’t the first time he’s ruined his own relationship. He’s still currently married and he ruined that one by treating his wife horrible and cheating. As well as his first marriage he ruined that by cheating and treating her horribly. He’s not a friendly man though he says he is. He constantly lies and cheats. He let another man do things with him in front of his last girlfriend and he even did things with the man, sexual things that is. He hardly showers so he contantly sticks. He kept trying to get his last girlfriend pregnant the whole time he kept hurting her and cheating. He turned people against her and said horrible things about her even though she would have done anything for him. If you like to be treated like sh1t and viciously humped by a 5 inch wiener for 30 seconds than maybe this man is for you. Or if you like to be lied too and disrespected than go for it. He’s nothing special ladies and he’s definitely not worth the time of day. Chris McNichols is not worth the hurt.

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