Chris Taylor — Married lying player

Chris Taylor — Married lying player

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Where to start? His talk game is A1, birthdays and holidays are flowers, jewelry, dinners, and getting flowers sent to your work. Every time we’d go out he’d choose out of town. One time I noticed a wedding band on his ring finger, which he said wasn’t a wedding ring, it was for something else. He told me he was in love with me and talked about having kids and getting married. My best friend heard from someone at her work he was messing around with a girl he works with, so she confronted him and he told her he was with the wrong person for over 10 years and he can be with as many women at once if he wanted. He tried telling me I was the only one, and my friend didn’t confront him. When all is this started happening, I found out he had me blocked on social media. My best friend found HIS WIFE on FB and saw the ring in his wedding photos is the same exact one he wears daily. Come to find out, he is married to this beautiful woman, and they have children. He told me they were divorced, and had been for years. It still shows they are married and I cannot believe the POS would do this. I cut off all contact with him. Avoid him like the plague, because he is a player! He is still blowing up my phone using texting apps begging for me to give him another chance and saying he will go to the court house and file for divorce, and he made the mistake of not telling me because he was afraid of scaring me off. He is still trying to meet up somewhere to have sex even though I’ve blocked every number he texted me from. Steer clear, there is no telling how many women he is screwing around with.

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