Christina Rosas Anastasiou — Homewrecker who failed to ruin my marriage

Christina Rosas Anastasiou — Homewrecker who failed to ruin my marriage

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This “well established business woman” worked for my husband, I knew of her but didn’t realize they started an affair. She Pm’d me on Facebook and confessed they were seeing each other, this was in October 2018. He confessed, states he ended it. But she’ll still post pics of him, stating he’s her boyfriend, to get a reaction from me, even posting she was was pregnant and had a miscarrage from my husband. Yes, of course I check her social media. “Stay close to your friends but closer to your enemies!” My husband is back home after leaving during holidays for 2 weeks, missing Christmas with me for the first time in the past 25 years, but I found out they saw each other Christmas Eve but he lied and said it was to settle things and he ended up cussing her out. I don’t believe she’ll ever stop as they have mutual business associates in the same profession, ( telemarketing.) Watch your husbands, ladies. Last city I know she worked in was Van Nuys. She’s shallow, evil, heartless, no morals and standards and has bullied me through social media for the past 3 months. This madness needs to stop as it triggers my anxiety and depression

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