Christina Theresa Burns Altoona, Pennsylvania

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This piece of shit HEROINE WHORE JUNKIE met my ex at the black and gold bar. She walked right up to him and said “If you can find a place for us tonight, I’m all yours” — Uhm, EW BITCH. Have some class. She did know about me and our two kids. Our daughter was only a month old when this happened & I had bad post-partum depression and was very self-conscious. She looked at pictures of me and MY family shortly before she approached him. He is 21. She is 28.

We were together for 8 1/2 years! I’ve only had eyes for him since 3rd grade! He’s still the love of my life and I honestly don’t want anyone but him. However, this is obviously not okay. He’s currently dating this bitch and taking care of her 3 year old kid. Meanwhile, doesn’t contact me regularly or see his own kids!!!!!! He doesn’t pay his child support. Never even showed up to the custody hearing.

This BITCH had the nerve to call ME a homewrecker! She knows nothing about me! She KNEW ABOUT ME AND MY KIDS AND WENT FOR MY MAN OF 8+ YEARS ANYWAY! She acts like she won some big competition. He has currently stopped regular contact with his family (which is VERY unlike him). His family OBVIOUSLY doesn’t like her. He’s completely changed for the worst! This bitch needs EXPOSED for the NASTY, HORRIBLE, VINDICTIVE, MANIPULATIVE WHORE that she CLEARLY is.

I need everyone to understand that… I was happy. I was ENGAGED to the LOVE OF MY LIFE. The man I thought I would spend my life with. My family was destroyed. My heart was shattered. My trust, completely broken. My self-esteem was at an all-time low. To this day, I am still SHOCKED AND CONFUSED about the whole thing.

—- Signed, a VERY broken and damaged woman.



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