Christy Henry Old hag looking for prey

Christy Henry Old hag looking for prey

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This is Christy. Long story short..she’s a bar h0e that likes to pick up her men at the bar. Even if they work there. She has no problem asking if the guy is married which I don’t see why she bothers to ask, when they say yes, she just tries harder. Which I get, she’s easily 55,60 according to her photos so she doesn’t have much time left to get a mate. Her bars of choice are [REDACTED] at the Ft. Worth Stockyards. Her daughter is also a bartender so she gets all the inside scoop from within the bar. She has the balls to try and steal the husband but if you try to confront her she cowards down like the yssup she is. They say the bigger the hoop the bigger the h0e. Her earrings speak for themselves 😂 Her old a55 really should be ashamed of herself. She needs to focus on her retirement plan not trying to steal someone’s husband. I bet her yssup smells like the Great Depression..she lived through it so probably lmao. Anyways, she’s a nurse (shocker right) she is very clingy according to the texts to my husband I saw. She’ll give the guy all the compliments trying to make them feel better about themselves, baby this, baby that. She is just a no good, lying, cheating, betraying h0e. I curse her name. With her fake a55 weave and nails. Girl, at least get some good stylists.

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