Cindy fisher Manipulative mistress and money hungry gold digger

Cindy fisher Manipulative mistress and money hungry gold digger

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Don’t let Cindy fisher fool you. She has been the mistress of the gentleman in the photo since 2014. She met him and immediately started an affair with him, and then threatened to blackmail him if he didn’t give her money. She met him at the time she was getting divorced from her husband of 30 years, because she chose to take her wedding ring off and flirt with other guys. She has used men for money to fund her trips back and forth between Michigan and another state, not once, but at least 5 times, each time staying in expensive hotels and airbnb’s for weeks. She has taken so much money from him, that he has been paying her rent for a year, she goes shopping almost every-day, she has had 3 brand new cars since 2015, and has funded 2 trips to Ft. Myers Florida, and 1 trip to Las Vegas. She only goes after men who she thinks has money. Be aware thr black and white photo is her tinder picture. She is so manipulative, she took money from her sugar daddy, and was going to pay for her daughters divorce, simply because she doesn’t like seeing others happy. When that didn’t work she coerced her daughter into sleeping with someone. Cindy is a huge hypocrite because according to her, “that is one if the reasons for my divorce is because I was being cheated on. ” she is so mentally unstable and an alcoholic as well, that she told her son, he was a disgusting mutant she wished she would have had an abortion with him, and to find a place that would deal with idiots with special needs like him. She recently was discovered also sleeping with one of her best friends significant others. She has all her friends fooled into thinking she is a victim, but in reality, she is nothing more then a manipulative, conniving, hypocrite. So beware to any man that comes in contact with her. If you have a little more then just pocket change, she will flirt with you, go on dates with you, long enough to get what money she can from you, and then make excuses as to why she can’t see you again. And women beware too. Just because she is your “friend” doesn’t mean she is a real friend, She is as fake as her tan.

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