COURTNEY BENTLEY a Homewrecking Ex-Con

COURTNEY BENTLEY a Homewrecking Ex-Con

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This 23 year old homewrecker decides to leave family and her young daughter in Florida to move to Conway, SC to build herself back up and better her life. A couple months later she meets a 43 year old MARRIEC man and shortly after meeting becomes fully involved with him even though she is told by others that he is in fact married with children. I see clues of my husband coming home later now needing to work 7 days a week due time constraints as he put it so my wheels start turning as I now can feel deep down something is going on. Low and behold a couple weeks later I find out he is having an affair with this “girl” who technically is 2 years older than his oldest son. I start following him. I enlist friends to help me get details as to what is going on as well as a family member who is a PI to get me some proof of what he has been up too. I reach out to the homewrecker via social media where I get a response of i am sorry I wasn’t aware of the circumstances (him being married) and how she now knows better. This leads to several conversations by phone as she gives me her cell number to talk to her. She says she didn’t know about me or our family etc & she planned to return to Florida after a court date she was having in a few weeks and she was cutting him off etc etc etc.  A BUNCH of LIES. She continued to meet ( most of which times I was being informed by others who were keeping a eye out) him, have sex with him in his truck in a dark driveway of a vacant home next door to where she stays with her Uncle. Meeting him in other locations to try to avoid being seen by my friends/family. She was in contact with me via text or phone for about a 2.5 week period all along still saying she wanted nothing more to do with him but then in the same night go rent a sh** bag motel room so she could sleep with him some more only to tell me the next day she made a mistake she had gotten high and took Zanex and was so fucked up she didn’t know what she was doing.  She always meets with him late at night/ early morning hours where they ride around & have sex in the truck until she is dropped off a little ways up the street from her house. This has now still continued as we are about a month and a half or so since I found out and no matter how much she says she doesn’t want to be a homewrecker & is stopping it doesn’t stop her from opening her mouth & legs for a him. A man who has been married 20yrs with children still in his household giving up everything for a sex trist with a girl young enough to be his daughter. Spread her name everyone COURTNEY BENTLEY (who sometimes uses BENTLEE) A REAL HOMEWRECKER who cares for nothing but getting high and ruining relationships and families all for her goal (imo) of being the next main chick….. but doesn’t realize she will shortly be crying over the new side chick.

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