Cristina martinez — Insecure pathetic housewife

Cristina martinez — Insecure pathetic housewife

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Cristina apparently has no life but to spread vicious rumors about people because she can’t control her man. Her husband constantly cheats on her so she believes every woman is out there to take her man but little does she know no one wants him. Not only would he be a down grade with her three kids from an abusive ex baby daddy but two kids with him as well . The problem is they have cheated on each other and neither one trust the other. Martin her husband has said he is so tired of her and her pathetic life the anyone that smiles at him is like a ray of sunshine and soaks up any type of friendship. She is not only stalking and harassing his co worker but goes and reads his work emails not caring if he gets fired . Constantly looking up his co worker who feels sorry for her and sees how much of a insecure and pathetic persons she is she has to go into this website and create something that isn’t even true because she is so unhappy with her life and her marriage she feels the need to ruin other people’s life because she is a delusional little girl who only knows no better. Threatening she is leaving her husband since she can’t find happiness she has to try and make other people miserable but little does she know people only feel sorry for her and don’t even think of her at allllllllll.

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