Crystal Dominigue — Sulphur, Louisiana

Crystal Dominigue — Sulphur, Louisiana

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When my fiancé and I got back together after a break up, Crystal Dominigue immediately messages me on social media asking for her comforter(blanket) and telling me she spent the night with him Sunday and I can now pay his truck insurance. After three years of being engaged this lady just thinks its her right to talk to what’s mine even after I made it clear I wanted her out of our life!!

She is an ex and every time we turn around she will say after everything she’s done for him (b%^&* that was your choice) She cant just stay friends with an ex… she can’t just have her own life and even went as far as talking on a secret phone with him in hopes I wouldn’t find out so when I found out and answered the secret phone she had been calling EVERY DAY FOR MONTHS… she didn’t even want to answer. She is not even woman enough to face me. She is not real woman and will never be~!!!! Will always be ruining someone else’s happiness because she hasn’t found her own!!!

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  1. Still goingFebruary 19, 2019 at 7:47 am

    ..b1tch still playing with fire .. but its all good.. supposedly the cry baby a55 happy im nit fkin with her anymore.. sad pathetic no life b1tch ..obviously she doesnt have any self worth or respect for others esp after being told whats up and still wants to keep on pushing. Smh