Daren Ambler — Delran, New Jersey

Daren Ambler — Delran, New Jersey

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Darren Ambler is a Womanizer- Playboy-Sex addict- Sociopath- Liar-Mentally Deranged- He is no good and he will lie and abuse anyone and he no conscience or guilt for anything that this “Double Loser” does. This dude brainwashed my Grandmother. This mentally deranged sexual pervert had sex with my Grandmother many times. This Guy is sick- perverted- vulgar- immoral and a complete piece of Garbage. How dare this lonely pervert abuse my 65 year old Grandmother. Ambler is 39 years old- How dare this ugly idiot perform oral sex on my beloved Grandmother. I would like to see this dude face to face. ============================================================= It is evident Darren Ambler is a sick stalker and perverted freak. He will screw anyone. How dare this ugly non-entity force sex on my beloved Grannie after he was with “Hookers”. This dude is sick. Go have sex with someone your own age. Stop pursuing old women- you screw ball. ========================================================== Darren Ambler is a stalker sex predator who hops from bed to bed to prove his manhood. This head case belongs in jail. It is evident Ambler is desperate . Take a look at that Monkey Face. UGLY!! ========================================================== Get something to do with your time you sex addict- druggie. Do you have anything better to do than stalk dating sites and fantasize about sex with old women. Do you take money from them too? You better never lay one hand on my Grandmother again or plan on being in Jail you flat head creep. ========================================================== All I know is this guy is a Playboy- immoral liar who lives in Southern New jersey and works as a Druggist in Central New Jersey. Stay in your own Territory. Do not come near out town or my Grandmother again- Do you Understand?? ======================================================== Anyone else please be conscious of this Darren Ambler the NJ punk sex addict/ psycho. He needs a straight jacket. He may have a different hair style- glasses and my now have an ungroomed beard to hide that sickening Face. keep your eyes open. ==============================================================

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  1. Darren Ambler- "State of a Psychotic Meltdown"November 27, 2018 at 8:06 pm


    Read much about this person. Nothing good. Definite mental deterioration of the brain and surrounding tissue. Heard he is going on different sites posting comments that make no sense and as usual defending his actions. Actually I blame the parents. Why wasn’t he put away as a child.? I am sure there were signs of a mentally disturbed child. This guy seems like an angry raging maniac. It seems he can dish it out but when pay back time comes he cant take it! Too bad- he better learn about life. You live an dishonest and immoral existence it catches up with you one day. I do believe he has made a fool of himself. I knew a girl in my neighborhood that used to work at the same place this guy worked. She said that at one time there was a good deal of gossip about this Darrin. She said work views him as an introvert that no one really bothers with. Said he is certainly not a top performer in the company and they contemplated getting rid of him or giving him the ax, Have not talk to this person in almost a year/.

  2. HomepageMarch 1, 2018 at 12:10 am

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  3. Lucky-LucyJanuary 3, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    Sounds as disgusting as he looks! I know this Scuz Muffin will never get me into his bed. The women must have seriously bad eye-sight. I have to believe that because i don’t want to believe there are women desperate and stupid enough to willingly get into this con-man’s bed…………………..

  4. MegNovember 27, 2017 at 7:02 am

    Sick- crazy human being. I guess when you look like that you have to take whatever you can get. What a low-life loser!