Darius Goins — Homewrecker alert

Darius Goins — Homewrecker alert

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Im the husband with 4 kids and a wife. Was working 6 12hr shifts a week trying to build a life. I know you cant blame a dog for being a dog. I know my wifes infidelity is her own fault. She alone is responsible for choosing to go along with your fantasy or whatever. I get that you dont care because you are selfish. You took advantage of her feelings at a vulnerable point in our marriage. You hurt more people than you will ever know including 4 children under the age of 10. All to try and get my wife to come screw you on your truck because you are a sad sorry pathetic excuse of a man who couldnt find an unattached woman to spend your attention on. She became suicidal over the guilt. Thankfully she has reached a point in her life were she decided to recommit her life to God. She failed to resist the temptation and in doing so can see very clearly what she doesnt want to be. All i can say is ladies be careful with this one hes got a smooth line of crap a mile long and supposedly a giant wang. But when it comes down to it is this the kind of guy you want in your life. As for me well i forgive you ive forgiven my wife. My advice seek God. Read the bible and get saved. Also marine you should look up what semper fi really means.

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