Davena Young Forth Worth, Texas


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I was married to Kelly Ryan 7 years when I found out my husband had been having an affair with Davena Young. He lied about how long. We went to counseling he lied there about cutting it off with Davena. He said he wanted his family over her. THEN she of course shows up pregnant. Should have been due in June if that was the case. Instead she is due in July which means he was still carrying on with her even with us in counseling.

I am a teacher with a second job. I supported him through job loss and legal issues. All the while he was seeing this other woman. A part time server at Chilis. I was always alone or working or running the kids around alone so he could apparently be with this whore. But no one knew. None of his friends or family.

We have three children 10,7 and 4. I had enough and kicked him out. He moved into her apartment and he paid off his truck. Now because they have a baby due I’m not getting the child support or spousal support or insurance the court ordered. Did I mention my ex husband had borrowed money from my dad to buy Davena a car?!?? And because she’s a single pregnant woman in Texas she is receiving all kinds of of welfare even though he lives there. I can’t get any help because I teach for a living and have been ordered spousal support!

Honestly my life is going MUCH better despite the money. But I feel like the two of them should have consequences. If you don’t want to be in a marriage LEAVE. Don’t force the other person to be your prisoner. Don’t cause them this kind of pain and betrayal. Grow a set of balls. Be honest.

And ladies. Respect yourself. You deserve to be with a single man. Think of all the lies a married man is telling his wife. Don’t you know he’s lying to you too?!?? If he’s telling her what she wants and needs to hear. He’s doing the same to you.

PS Davena

He didn’t leave me. I changed the locks and kicked him out. He doesn’t want to be with you. He’d rather just be single. But he can’t afford child support to two women. So he “guesses that it’s cheaper to support (your) fat ass” he’s envious that I get to be free and single now and he just has MORE responsibility.

Funny huh?




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