Dawn Marie Parrish — Not worth it

Dawn Marie Parrish — Not worth it

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I cheated on my wife with this woman. There is no excuse for what I did but here is my explanation. Dawn and I were high school sweethearts in the early 90s , she was a cheater then every chance she got she was doing other people. In 2012 she had an affair with my brother, good thing he has a forgiving wife. In 2016 I friend requested her on Facebook three weeks before she was to get married, exchanging phone numbers, talking on Facebook deciding to keep our contact secret from our spouses. Did that for 7 months then came up with the idea let’s all get together. My wife and I and Dawn and her husband, we all became friends. If I’d known how things would turn out I’d have run. Dawn would call me and talk about her affairs with other men , I dont understand how I fell into an affair with her. There is no excuse for what I did. None. Dawn left her husband and told me to tell my wife so I did. I thought I was in love with this woman so I called my wife and destroyed her in a very cruel manner. I told her that I didn’t love her anymore I’m in love with Dawn and I was leaving her for that woman. I realized that I was wrong just as soon as i said that. But I’m stupid and went with it. Well Dawn was lying she left her spouse but moved in with another of her lovers. But that’s when I realized I love my wife, I always have. The other woman was a fantasy she wasn’t real. She was a big mistake, a bad choice. A woman who likes to games with people. I regret the games I let her play with me. When I look into my wife’s eyes and see the pain and anguish that I put there , the feeling of not being good enough, of being a second choice even though she is not, never has been. It’s not worth it. That woman is not worth anything I’ve put my wife through. I’m very lucky I have a forgiving wife. Shes my whole world. My rock. My heart and soul.

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