Deanna Recine Always trying to ruin a relationship

Deanna Recine Always trying to ruin a relationship

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This ugly dirty drug dealing felon used to date my fiancé back in high school. They had a long distance relationship and only slept together twice. They don’t talk for awhile and then she pops up like f***ing herpes.. talking about how he should dump his current girl and talks shit about who’s he dating.. She even got so mad at him for having a baby with his ex wife because she claims that was supposed to be her baby.. She’s a psychopath.. Anyways 4 years ago we start dating and her she comes outta the woodwork talking mad sh1t about me saying I’m ugly and all bullsh1t.. telling him he should leave me and go back to her.. Tried to get him to talk about problems in our relationship.. but every time he turned her down and said he loved me and he wasn’t going to do that. We are having a baby together now and she pops back up yet again.. So he tells her and now all communication stops again.. Let’s hope this trying as55 home wrecker gets the help she needs and she stays the f**k away from us..

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