Debra Neal — Pathological liar

Debra Neal — Pathological liar

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She has been unfaithful to her wife since before the marriage. Paying another woman’s rent and being at her beck and call, nonstop texting, talking and carrying on an affair while all the while proclaiming what a devout Christian and kind hearted woman she was. Lied to her family about the affair, continues to lie to her wife about the affair, lied to her co-workers about being gay, lied to her minister about her lifestyle. Pretty much everything she says is a lie. Her vagina hangs halfway to her knees due to her gastric bypass surgery so you have to hold up 5 pounds of skin to even reach it. The other woman is attracted to the money in her account and how it can benefit her. She is giving up attractive broke women to be with this cow. Oh yeah, she wears a mullet. Hey, Debra the 1970s called and they want their hairdo back you lying, cheating witch!!!

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  1. TommyGirlJuly 11, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    Gross I believe I vomited in my mouth. You married her knowing she was a cheater. What did you think she was gonna change.